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Our team has a decade long experience in filming, both in phisical production, financing, location management, and also at the art department.

No middle man

A huge spectrum of in-house services directly from Europe’s major Hollywood-standard filming complex, Origo Studios, Hungary. All workflows with 100% transparency.

Focused on You

Tailor-made offers and budgeting by in-person or zoom meetings, to meet the needs of both directors and producers. Unique studio- and rental packages and discounts.

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Adam Ruzsinszki

Adam Ruzsinszki

CEO, producer, financial supervisor

Known for: Netflix’s Barbarians, Vtorzhenie (Invasion), Su ren te gong, Midsommar, Ransom, X-Company, Mars, Strike Back, Dead Europe, The Raven, etc.

Since 2020 the General Manager of Production at ORIGO Studios, the biggest Hollywood-standard studio complex in Central Europe –  which is the no. 1 strategic partner of Black Swan Budapest Productions.

Tax rebate

30% tax incentive

Direct production expenses paid during pre-production, production, and post-production. Accommodation and living expenses within Hungary and travel to a Hungarian destination (stopover possible). Wages: above- and below-the-line, when paid by the qualified Hungarian production. All kinds of financing, legal and administration costs: insurance, completion bond, bank fees, interest charges etc.

Tax rebate is 30% of the eligible Hungarian spend.

Up to 25% of the eligible spend can be non-Hungarian spend which also qualifies for the 30% tax rebate.

  • The tax rebate – as an indirect subsidy – is non-recourse, non-repayable and non-recoupable cash rebate provided by local corporate taxpayers.
  • Local and Foreign Spend can be in any currency (USD, EUR, GBP, HUF) and can also be spent outside of Hungary,
  • No minimum spend and no cap per project.
  • No annual fiscal budget cap
  • The optimal ratio is to maximize the foreign qualifying amount and spend 25% of the Hungarian Budget abroad, or 80% of the Budget in Hungary and 20% of the Budget abroad.

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Adam Ruzsinszki

+36 30 472 2256